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Some of the commonly asked questions are:

I see the name Biozhem on a lot of your products. Why is that?

Biozhem has been in the botanical skin care business for many years. It has proven to be exceptionally successful in treating all skin types with outstanding cleansers, conditioners, anti-aging firmers, masks, eye products and body treatments. Revitacel Skincare is now selling the Biozhem line in conjunction with the Berridroxies and Revitacel products.

I am using Brand X and want to try Revitacel Replenishing Complex with Human Fibroblast. Is this a problem?

We recommend you use the Revitacel Replenishing Complex with Human Fibroblast on skin that has been cleansed and has had Revitacel Activating Serum with Berridroxies applied to it. You can use another cleanser, and another moisturizer. It is not recommended that you use another anti-aging product over the Replenishing Complex with Human Fibroblast.

I am using a retinol-based product from my dermatologist. Can I use the Revitacel Replenishing Complex with Human Fibroblast over it?

We recommend you apply one of the products at night and the other one in the day, depending on the advice of your dermatologist. Since Revitacel Replenishing Complex with Human Fibroblast is an original, exclusive product, it should be used on cleansed skin with its partner product, Revitacel Activating Serum with Berridroxies.

My skin is very sensitive. I have spent a lot of money on products that I can’t use. Is your Revitacel Berridroxies line for sensitive skins?

Revitacel Replenishing Complex with Human Fibroblast has been thoroughly tested on all skin types. Our customers with sensitive skin may need to integrate our Botanicals line with the Revitacel Replenishing Complex with Human Fibroblast. The Botanicals products have superior gentleness for cleansing and conditioning while the Revitacel Replenishing Complex with Human Fibroblast provides the skin with natural, younger collagen and elastin. The products are compatible and highly effective together for those with delicate skin. No skin care products can claim that every skin will be able to be used by everyone. Care is required in selecting proven gentle products that perform without over-treating the skin.

I have used the Skin Basics for many years. Should I switch to other Revitacel products?

What you choose must be suited to what you want a skin care product to do. Ask yourself these questions: are you experiencing tissue lining around your eyes, your mouth? Do you have other areas that are showing the signs of aging? If your skin is still firm and unlined, stay with your Skin Basics. As fine lines may begin to appear, consider using the Revitacel Replenishing Complex with Human Fibroblast and Activating Serum with Berridroxies for eyes and face. These exceptional products will help firm the thin, delicate skin around the eyes and help to firm the vulnerable areas of the face. Both the Revitacel Berridroxies Line and Skin Basics are botanical based.

I have been using Revitacel Replenishing Complex with Human Fibroblast for over 6 months and can’t see any real difference. Should I just stop using it?

Your skin must be in really good shape. The Replenishing Complex with Human Fibroblast is strengthening the texture of the skin and helping to give it resiliency. It also aids in reducing the development of lining. Use it just once a day and in small amounts and your skin will continue to look the way you want it to.

I have been using the Skin Basics 1-5 for years. Now in my mid-fifties, I am seeing lines around my eyes and mouth. What should I do?

We have two new remarkable firming products to suggest: Revitacel Eye Cream and Revitacel Anti-Aging Radiant Replenishing Cream. Used together with your normal regimen, you will experience visible firmness around the eye areas as well as the face. Special botanicals combined with exceptional delivery systems provide the skin with natural firmers, easing the appearance of lines and strengthening the texture of skin.

How do I become a distributor or reseller of Revitacel Products?

If you would like to become a distributor or reseller of Revitacel products within the United States, please contact us at

If you would like to join our affiliate program, please visit us at or e-mail us at

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