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  • Light foaming cleanser is enriched with Berridroxies from the bilberry and black currant extract.
    Keeps skin soft, supple. Removes makeup and soil while cleansing deep into pores.
  • Activating Serum is milder than AHAs, causes no redness nor irritation the skin. Features megadoses
    of four firming strategies: collage support complex and a firming hydrating algae extract to stimulate
    collagen synthesis. Improves elasticity by approximately 35%, smoothes wrinkles and hydrates skin.
  • 24 hour firming and moisturizing lotion is rich in natural berries extracts and continuously hydrates
    the skin with vitamins and minerals. It has 35 active ingredients.
  • Advanced Eye Gel was developed specifically for the delicate eye area. It reduces puffiness and the
    appearance of fine lines to gives you back more beautiful, younger -looking eyes.
  • Satin Finish is a silky porcelain facial glaze that allows makeup to glide on smoothly, evenly clings
    perfectly to the skin. It tightens pores, locks in moisturizing and firming ingredients to keep skin cells
    looking plump and firm to make you look younger instantly!
  • Oat mask is a wonderfully soothing deep-cleansing mask. Skin will feel instantly firmer and cleaner with
    a younger, more vibrant look. Regular use encourages cell regeneration.

What Are Berridroxies?

How the berridroxies firming system works

Saturday, October 01, 2005
The Berridroxies firming complex attacks the aging process in several ways, but on the most basic level it simply fools your skin into acting as if it were young again. To fully understand just how the Berrydroxy works, one must first have a clear understanding of the skin, its structures and the effects of aging.

Viewed simply, the skin is composed of two principal layers, each comprised of various sub layers. It is easy to picture if you imagine it as a cake, with the icing, or epidermis, being the part we present to the world. The lower layer, the dermis, lies against our internal structures and muscles and is made up primarily of matted, connective fibers. It is also home to more familiar structures such as hair follicles, blood vessels and sweat glands. The cells of the epidermis are always on the move, with new ones pushing toward the surface, where we find a variable coating of dead cells, which we constantly shed. The dermis acts as a foundation, where we find fibers of Collagen and Elastin, the building blocks of smooth, firm skin.

Two primary forms of Collagen may be found in human skin. Collagen I is always present, but it is Collagen III which we most associate with the firmness of youth. The skin of a newborn infant has a far higher Collagen III content than does that of an adult. But as skin ages, its production of Collagen III begins to diminish, actually ceasing entirely as early as 25 years. In short, as we age the ratio of lifting, firming Collagen III to the weaker-linked Collagen I in our skin begins to diminish.

So how does the Berridroxies firming system work? Unlike many products that claim to work similar effects against the effects of aging, our system works on both of the principal layers of your skin. For the outer layer, the powerful exfoliating properties of the all-natural berry extracts remove the dull, tired cells that build up constantly on the surface of your skin. Not only does this provide you almost immediately with a more vibrant, healthy complexion, but also it fools your skin into accelerating the promise of new, literally younger skin that we know is constantly fighting toward the surface.

It is in the lower, deeper levels of the skin that the true magic of the Berridroxies takes place, however. One of our most powerful active ingredients, ASC III, acts directly to stimulate your skin’s production of Collagen III, effectively convincing it to produce at levels normally only found in our youth. The normal decline in the ratio can be halted, and in some cases even reversed, as the skin itself begins to replace and rebuild its firming foundations.

Add to these dramatic effects the powerful, moisturizing powers of natural algae peptides and a battery of nourishing vitamins and minerals to feed your skin, and you have the most powerful but gentle firming complex available on the market anywhere.


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