Revitacel Skin Care Rewards

What are Revitacel Reward points?

Revitacel points work similarly to airline frequent flyer miles. It is our way of rewarding our customers for their loyalty to our products. You need to register on-line with us first so we can sign you up in our rewards program.

How do I become a member in the RevitaCel rewards system?

Signing up is free and without any obligation to buy. You will receive your first 100 Revitacel points when you register with us. You need to register on our website using our on-line form. Then you will be assigned a your personal Revitacel number. Click Here to sign up now

I am a current customer. Do I still need to sign up?

Yes. Only by filling out the online form can you enjoy the Revitacel rewards benefits.

How can I earn Revitacel points?

There are three ways to earn points:

  • You will receive 100 points for signing up. This is a one-time bonus for each person.
  • You earn points by buying products from Revitacel. Products must be purchased through this web site. Buying products from TV advertisements, stores or over the phone or any other way will not earn you points.
  • Each time you refer a friend, you receive bonus points.

How does the “refer a friend” program work?

Once you have your personal Revitacel number, you can invite other people to join as well. However, your friend cannot be a person who has already registered with us. When your friend signs up, he or she must enter your Revitacel member number into the on-line sign up form during the registration process. This way we know who referred him or her to us and we can credit your account with the referral bonus points. So please make sure you give them your personal Revitacel number, and ask them to enter it into the on-line form.

How many points do I receive by referring a friend?

Once your referred person has 300 points available in his or her account, we will credit your account with 200 points. There is no limit to the number of people you may refer. Once you have referred 5 people, you will become a silver member and receive an additional 500 Revitacel points on top of the 1,000 points (5 x 200) you will have already received. If you refer 10 people, you will become a gold member, and earn an additional 1,000 points. This means that a gold member would receive a total of 3,500 points for referring 10 people.

How many points do I earn when buying product?

Each product has a certain amount of Revitacel points assigned. Click the “more…” section that is associated with each product to see the amount of points that will be credited to your account for a particular product purchase. The number of points earned for a each product varies. For your convenience, your shopping cart will also display the number of points you will earn for each product.

How soon are my points available?

Do to our unconditional 30-day money back guarantee on all of our products, your points will become available for redemption after 60 days. During this 60-day period, points are considered restricted.

How do I know how many points I have in my account?

You will be able to look up the total number of points at any time. Just go to your account profile that has all your data. Your account profile will have a complete history of all purchases you have made, as well as all the points you have earned and when and how you earned them. Your account profile will also differentiate between restricted and available points.

How do I redeem points?

Each product has a certain amount of redemption points assigned to it. You can check your total number of available points in your profile. Remember that restricted points cannot be used for purchases until they become available points. You will get an option to pay with points during the checkout process IF you have enough points in your account to pay for the WHOLE order with points. To use RevitaCel points for a product instead of paying for it, simply make the change in the shopping cart at checkout when you select the payment method. There is no option to pay for an order partially with points. What you could do is place two orders. One order to pay with via points and one with $. If you let us know in an e-mail you are doing this, we will credit you back one of the two shipping charges since we can all put all product in one box. But we must get your e-mail before the orders are shipped.

S&H will be calculated as if you had paid for the products. Unfortunately, we cannot offer free shipping.

Do Revitacel points expire?

As long as you make at least one purchase in any 12-month period, your points do not expire.

Can I combine Revitacel points from different accounts?

No. Points in different RevitaCel accounts cannot be combined. You need to either pay for the product or have enough available points in your account to receive the product for free.

Can I receive points for previous purchases I made?

No. We are not able to credit you with points for products purchased before the point system was implemented. Only purchases made from this site after September 30, 2003 can be awarded points. Please remember to sign up online so all your future online purchases will be credited with points.

Can I sign up over the phone?

No. Our customer service representatives are not able to sign you up over the phone. Please fill out the form online. Click Here to sign up now